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RUHENS ME increases the security of corporate systems with DerScanner

RUHENS ME is a world leader in water purification technologies. The company exports its water purification systems and household appliances based on them to more than 60 countries around the world. RUHENS ME pays special attention to customer support. With the help of DerSecur's integrated solution, RUHENS ME checks CRM and other internal corporate systems for vulnerabilities. Prompt identification and elimination of vulnerabilities in them can improve the security of the IT infrastructure as a whole and prevent leakage of personal data of customers and a number of potentially dangerous incidents.

"Today, companies around the world are facing serious problems due to vulnerabilities in the software they use," says Dan Chernov, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of DerSecur. – Exploiting vulnerabilities, attackers can not only gain access to personal data of customers, but also affect business processes in the company, up to their complete shutdown. This can be especially critical for high-tech companies that are engaged in the development of technologies on which people's health depends. Analysis of the software code used is one of the most important components of information security. At the same time, it is extremely important to use all available technologies for this. DerScanner has combined them within a single interface."

"Security has always been our priority, and in modern conditions, this also applies to the digital sphere. Using DerScanner helps to increase the sustainability of our business processes by timely identifying potential threats. We chose the DerSecur solution because it provides full–fledged application security control without the introduction of disparate third-party code analysis tools and allows you to get detailed reports on the results of all checks," says Raysa Ocampo, Vice President of RUHENS ME.

RUHENS ME also noted the intuitive interface of DerScanner. The analyzer highlights the vulnerabilities found and undeclared features in the code being tested, and also gives detailed recommendations for their elimination. DerScanner supports 36 programming languages and is a world leader in this indicator. In addition to the vulnerability search rules database, the relevance of which is constantly maintained by DerSecur experts, it is possible to create your own vulnerability search rules, upload them to the system through the interface and use them in application analysis. To minimize the number of false positives, DerScanner implements its own Fuzzy Logic Engine technology.

DerSecur's solution can also be implemented into secure development processes. To do this, DerScanner integrates with repositories, bug tracking systems and other tools.




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