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Collaborations are driving growth for DerScanner and its partners and enhancing the safety of your clients' applications. Become a part of our global network of channel and technological partners and empower your clients with the most advanced application security technology.

"Partnering with DerScanner has revolutionized our business. With DerScanner, there's consistent engagement with clients, leading to regular renewals and new feature opportunities. This not only stabilizes our revenue but also deepens our client relationships, making us a key part of their continuous security solutions."

Ken Soh, Group CIO BH Global Corporation, CEO of Athena Dynamics,
Chair, SGTech Cyber Security Chapter, Singapore

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Channel Partners

We succeed when our channel partners do. Join us to discover everything you need to empower your customers.

Technological Partners

We collaborate with technology leaders to incorporate application security capabilities into the most popular developer tools.

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"In the crowded AppSec market, while there are big names, we've found that larger companies often lose the personal touch - support becomes a maze of tickets, bots, and distant tech support, where requests can linger unresolved. That's why we chose DerScanner. As a mid-sized vendor, they prioritize personal connections and swift, effective responses. This approach allows us to address our customers' needs quickly and efficiently, ensuring we provide the best service. With DerScanner, we're not just a number; we're partners in a community where every request is heard and acted upon promptly."

Mauricio Medina, CEO of Consequor, Brazil

Why partner with DerScanner

Advanced Technology

With modules like SAST, DAST, and open-source security, our application security platform can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of clients while providing all-around protection against constantly changing code-born threats.

Flexible Offering

With flexible pricing options, no additional fees, and a dedication to working within tight budgets, our solution is unique in the cybersecurity space. This strategy makes sure you can provide your clients with a powerful security tool at a reasonable price and increase your profit margins.

Smooth Transactions

Partnering with DerScanner means you'll be equipped to overcome common sales objections effortlessly. Whether it's addressing budget concerns or demonstrating the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures, our team provides you with the tools and support necessary to succeed.

"Choosing DerScanner as our partner in application security has been a game-changer. Its ability to support 36 languages and provide strong static and binary analysis makes it the go-to for clients wanting to double-check their security, especially those already using other SAST tools. This partnership has significantly enriched our portfolio and client trust."

Alexander Tvaradze, CEO of ATSOL, Azerbaijan

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