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New DerScanner 3.9 Supports Dart Language and CSV Reports

DerSecur has unveiled a new release of its code analyzer – DerScanner , which now also supports Dart and thus retains leadership in the number of programming languages covered. Handling code scan details has become easier as users can export reports in CSV format. The new version also provides an option to manually select files for analysis and thus avoid scanning the code of the entire project when you only need to analyze a specific part.


DerScanner supports 36 programming languages – a record for code analyzers, including newly added object-oriented language Dart, developed by Google in 2011 as an alternative to JavaScript and designed to create mobile, server, and web apps. Moreover, our specialists made improvements for already supported languages by adding the analysis of Vue.js framework for JavaScript and Flask framework for Python.


In line with current development trends, we are adding new hip and happening languages to our pool. That is why our new DerScanner  supports Dart and is now the only tool capable of analyzing the code written in Dart for vulnerabilities. 


The developers also introduced some changes to reporting formats. Thus, DerScanner 3.9 is the first release with an option to export reports in CSV archive format, making data handling more flexible: users can now filter data by category and gain insights from graphs based on the obtained values. Naturally, users can still receive reports in PDF as well, but this format is non-interactive and thus less convenient.


DerScanner 3.9 now allows users to select specific files for analysis. When sending an app for scanning, a user can see the files to be analyzed and manually remove some if needed. If a user chooses to scan the entire project, the code analyzer will identify a set of files in the uploaded directory and then analyze each of them for vulnerabilities and backdoor. Once the scanning is complete, the results will be available in ‘Overview’ section of the interface or in the form of a separate report containing statistics on these files.

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