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Just Eat improves its product security with DerScanner

Just Eat, a European food delivery marketplace, uses a static code analyzer DerScanner to improve the security of developed applications. The company leverages the scanner developed by DerSecur to boost the security of applications that enable the platform to interact with its customers, employees, and partners.


Just Eat is an online restaurant food delivery platform founded in 2000. The service is available in more than 15 European countries, as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, the platform unites more than 600 thousand restaurants. The service processed more than 1.1 billion orders in 2021. Given the nature of the business and the extreme importance of the privacy of customers’ data, the security and reliability of the company’s business software are critical. That is why Just Eat applies the secure development approach. And the DerScanner code analyzer has become an element of this process.


“When looking for the scanner to build our secure development process on, we evaluated the capabilities of global leading vendors,” said Vyacheslav Fadyushin, InfoSec and IT Security Manager at Just Eat “Eventually, we’ve settled on DerScanner. We were surprised with the very convenient licensing model along with the impressive capabilities of the product. DerScanner is an optimal solution to our main challenge of checking the health of our product’s code.”


The binary code analysis capability, which allows checking existing apps for vulnerabilities and undeclared features, is also highly regarded by Just Eat In addition, the company noted the high-quality technical support provided by the DerSecur team. The vendor has broad expertise in information security and obtains the latest information on cyber threats from various sources. Thanks to this, DerSecur can quickly respond to new vulnerabilities by adding appropriate search algorithms.


“The secure development approach has now become mandatory for the majority of modern companies,” said Dan Chernov, CTO of DerSecur. “This is of prime importance for organizations that run their business online. Mobile and web application vulnerabilities increase the chance of a successful cyberattack that may result in major financial and reputational risks. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate cutting-edge code analysis methods into the secure development process. DerSecur relies on extensive research and modern technologies that we apply in our DerScanner product.”

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