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DerSecur and Future CX Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Application Security in Blockchain and Cloud Services with DerScanner

In a groundbreaking move, DerSecur, a global leader in application security, and Future CX, an innovator in decentralized cloud and blockchain solutions, have announced a strategic partnership. This alliance centers around the utilization of DerSecur's DerScanner, a state-of-the-art application security tool, to secure Future CX’s diverse technology offerings.


A Union of Expertise and Innovation

DerSecur's DerScanner is an advanced comprehensive application security solution that uniquely combines static (SAST), dynamic (DAST), software composition (SCA), and supply chain security (SCS) analysis in one interface. This tool is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and undocumented features in both mobile and web applications, a vital aspect for Future CX’s service offerings ranging from blockchain consulting to AI solutions.


Strengthening Security in Application Development

"Craig Bricknell, CEO of Future CX, remarks, "With DerScanner's unparalleled capabilities in analyzing both source and binary code across 36 programming languages, our partnership with DerSecur represents a significant leap in ensuring the utmost security in our blockchain and cloud services."


DerScanner: The Cornerstone of Secure Application Development

DerScanner’s ability to understand polyglot applications and its innovative AI powered Fuzzy Logic Engine technology, which significantly reduces false positives, makes it an ideal choice for Future CX’s diverse and sophisticated service portfolio. This includes decentralized cloud solutions, DApps development, smart contract development, custom software development, and more.

Dan Chernov, CEO of DerScanner, states, "Our collaboration with Future CX is a perfect example of how advanced security technology like DerScanner can be seamlessly bring value to cloud and blockchain services, setting new industry standards for security and reliability. We are delighted to see the growing interest of the market to the AppSec  technology."


About DerSecur

Since its inception in 2011, DerSecur has been at the forefront of application security. Its flagship product, DerScanner, represents the pinnacle of security technology, capable of analyzing both source and binary code. DerSecur's team of 70 experts continues to push the boundaries in application security research and development.


About Future CX

Future CX, established in 2019, has rapidly grown into a global force in cloud technology and artificial intelligence. With a team dedicated to innovation, Future CX specializes in decentralized cloud solutions, blockchain consulting, DApps development, smart contract development, custom software development, AI solutions, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), and cryptocurrency and token development.


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