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DerScanner ensures security of educational platforms

Israeli online platform Skyline-training has implemented DerScanner, a comprehensive software security control solution. The scanner, which combines static, dynamic and software composition analysis, will enable the company to improve the security of the software it develops for training purposes.

"Last year, the number of attacks implemented through vulnerabilities in applications has increased many times, and this trend is unlikely to decline in the near future. The attackers intentionally left vulnerabilities and backdoors and introduced malicious code into open libraries and Open-Source components," notes Dan Chernov, DerScanner CEO. – In these conditions, a comprehensive approach to checking applications for vulnerabilities and undeclared capabilities is very important. Therefore, today we are developing DerScanner as a solution that combines various methods of code analysis within a single interface and correlates the results with each other."

The information security system of educational platforms should provide comprehensive protection of infrastructure and confidential data from accidental or intentional penetration of intruders for the purpose of theft or modification of the system configuration. DerScanner is an effective tool for solving these tasks, which will promptly identify and eliminate potential threats at all levels.

"Our daily interaction with customers and partners requires reliable and secure information systems, the security of our customers' data and infrastructure has always been our priority," said Managing Partner Itzik Nahari. "Today, when the number of cyber threats is constantly growing, it was very important for us to find a reliable solution that provides high-quality code scanning using leading technologies in this field. At the same time, I would like to note the simplicity of installing and configuring DerScanner. Highly qualified technical support at all stages of piloting and product implementation allowed us to move as quickly as possible to solving the tasks facing us."

DerScanner is a high-tech integrated application security solution that combines static (SAST), dynamic (DAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) methods in a single interface. DerScanner allows you to identify vulnerabilities and undocumented features in the code of mobile and web applications.

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