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Costly Online Dating

iPhone users lost 1.4 million dollars via popular online dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Cybercriminals employ social engineering techniques to make dating service users transfer their money to fake crypto exchanges, reported Cybernews. Find out more about the dangers of such schemes below.


When it comes to social engineering, the first step is to establish contact. Cybercriminals use dating platforms to find their potential victims because such services are popular and help to start communication quickly. After contact is established, communication is typically switched to other channels that gradually lead to the world of investments and crypto currency. As soon as the victim becomes interested, they are persuaded to install a particular app and transfer money to a specially designed wallet. However, the app and the wallet’s contents are actually under the total control of the swindler.


The second stage of the scam involves cybercriminals showing their victims how their investments are generating attractive profits. In reality, the user does not invest in anything, but simply transfers money to the swindler under the pretense of making an investment. Sometimes, the excitement of discovering what appears to be such a profitable investment encourages victims to provide even more money. However, when it comes to taking profits, they quickly discover that it is not possible to transfer the funds to their accounts.


The number of swindlers targeting dating app users continues to grow rapidly. Remember to always stay on guard if you are ever asked to provide sensitive personal data, financial information, your address, or to do something by an online acquaintance. If someone suggests you install an app, make sure you download it from the official app store. Similarly, if you are asked to follow a link, hover your mouse on it first and check the final URL as it may lead to a fake website. If someone tries to persuade you to use a service, you should first scrutinize reviews and look to see whether it has an official website or app. Finally, it is also important to remember that downloading apps with extended rights from an unofficial store can enable cybercriminals to control your device. 

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