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Carsharing under DerScanner protection

CT Smart Mobility Solutions, a developer of software solutions for carsharing companies, uses DerScanner code analyzer to provide owners and customers of short-term car rental services with secure applications and therefore to protect their business and personal data. DerScanner protects the company’s clients in 10 countries in the regions of Western, Eastern Europe and Asia.


CT Smart Mobility Solutions is a manufacturer of a software platform for carsharing services, online rental of scooters and car rental automation. The platform includes corporate software for managing carsharing, micro mobility and rental services, and a client mobile application for service users. The solutions supplied by the company store and process a large amount of data from users of rental, carsharing and scooter sharing services, including personal and payment data. The unfixed vulnerabilities in such software may result in compromising user data and IT systems of clients hacking.


“We have chosen the DerScanner code analyzer after testing it on several of our applications. With the help of this analyzer, we have built a process for identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities, increasing the level of security of our platform. The tool is very convenient and easy to use, it allows you to quickly identify vulnerabilities and provides detailed information on how you can promptly protect the application with the help of imposed security measures, and then fix vulnerabilities in code”, – Alexander Slobodchikov, CEO and co-founder CT Smart Mobility Solutions.


CT Smart Mobility Solutions uses DerScanner in its own infrastructure, doing regular scans for vulnerabilities in the new versions of platform applications. Vulnerability checks are conducted on both the software, designed to provide carsharing and rental services, and mobile applications for carsharing service users.


Daniil Chernov, CTO DerScur, noted that CT Smart Mobility Solutions is a company with a very fast development process and a very short Time to Market for new features. “That is why this customer has highly appreciated the speed of DerScanner, the convenience of the tool and a very low number of false positives, thanks to which the time costs for software security checks are minimal.”

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